Saturday, February 26, 2005

Good grief!

I look at how Christians generally view themselves. There is this sort of unhealthy mentality that seems to be so prevalent among them. We know that God has called us to be "set-apart", that is, to not conform to the ways of the world. However, when God called us to do so, He did not mean it as just mere effort. Instead, He has given us His Holy Spirit that testifies in our souls the freedom that Christ has given us thru the cross at Calvary. And yet, Christians continue their journey with feet that drags the earth they walk upon. It's as though they have lost everything when they chose to follow Christ. When they see non-Christians prosper in their careers and in other aspects of their lives, they began to come up a false and superficial confidence of not wanting those things, but secretly in their hearts, they whisper "how come it didn't happen to me?" Oh, if only Christians, in their Spirit, began to rise up a truth that will establish faith and confidence in their hearts. If only they began to understand the riches and glory of the inheritance that awaits us in heaven.
I believe that if we could only catch a glimpse of heaven in all its glory and splendor, it would transform us forever. We would start looking at the riches of the world just as an adult would look at a toy that a toddler would play with. He has no desire for that toy. No matter how the child manages to enjoy itself with it, yet, he continues to believe in his heart that the joy that child has is only temporal, and soon, he will leave it, and search for other things.
May God grant us mercy, and may He help us to grow in our Spirit. I pray that Christians will start living lives that are of the purposes of God. May they stop feeling that they are "losing out", instead, may they have that faith in God, knowing that there's no price to great to pay for our God.
I ramble, and rave because I feel deep inside me, a great dissatisfaction with the world. Problems continue to mount itself on our planet, and yet the solution to these problems is so simple: Jesus. That's it. No more, no less. He is the only hope that the world has. Only hope. No one else. Really, there's no other way. Period.

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