Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Living a life that's worthy of God's calling

Had an interesting discussion with a friend over dinner tonight. One topic led to another and it came to the point where I questioned him, "How different would you live your life, if you knew Jesus was coming back in 2 years time, or less...?"

We, as 21st century humans, have a very unrealistic view of life. This is especially true when we live in nations that are shielded from the realities of life, which often includes unpredictable deaths, and unwanted circumstances. So much so that even we as Christians, tend to get caught with this mindset, as though that we have time to accomplish and build our careers and desires, and then only would we seriously "consider" giving all to God.

Jesus said that the coming of the Son of Man is like a thief in the night. Simply put, we don't know when He is coming back. Even if He doesn't come back in our lifetime, yet, that doesn't free us from the fact that we could still be taken away anytime. But, we continue to live our lives as though it will last for the next 100 years. Jesus also mentioned that where our treasure is, there our heart is also. This is true, because if we were to really assess how we spend our time and money, we would know how much we are giving it for God's cause. Jesus said "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." [Mark 12:30 (NIV)]. The word "all", which was spoken 2 thousand years ago still means the same thing today: All. It still means unreservingly giving everything, and holding nothing back.

The church is dead today because there's no desperation within the hearts of God's people. The church have been lured by the world, and instead of it being the "light" of the world, it has now become "like" the world. The lamp that once burn brightly where people in the dark would draw near it to find truth, is slowly fading out. This is one of the reasons why the church need to cut itself loose from the bondages of the world, and start clinging onto Godly things. Eternity needs to be establish in our hearts so that we can start living as though we are dead to the things of the world. It's only when our minds are freed from the clutches of this world, that's when we can really have our candle lit up again, and being able to become the light to the dark world.

In Galatians, Paul rebuked the Galatian church because they were turning their faith onto what we would term as "tangible" securities. There was a bunch of people who were going around preaching that circumcision was the only way to be sure that you're saved. Though we don't practice that today, but yet a similar theme continues, that is, the shifting of our faith. Faith, which is supposed to be "being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" [Heb 11:1 (NIV)] is now being replaced by "being sure and hopeful for the things that we do see". Our eyes, hands, intellect, and strength have become our god. We no longer need God to intervene for any of our predicaments. Financial problems? No problem when you have a credit card! Health problems? No problem when you are medically insured! Relationship problems? No problem when you have 1-800-TELE-PSYCHIC or the nearest therapy clinic. There is no room for God anymore. Who needs him? We have ALL that we need in this world... oh... may God have mercy on us all.

History has proven from time and time again, that major revivals that occur in the church is usually preceded by a major catastrophe. It's as though God needs to lift His hand of grace from us before we would turn back to Him. My Spirit has been testifying within my heart since 9/11, that turmoil on earth will only increase. From measure to measure, tragedies and calamaties will continue to occur, so as to wake the church up from its slumber. The church needs to arise, and began to move out in faith into the glorious purposes that God has prepared it for. The church is you and me.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

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