Thursday, March 03, 2005

Living that God centered life...

Looking back to the past few blogs that I've written, I guess to some extent that the words presented may give the reader a "false" perception of the writer, as though the writer has got it all figured out about his Christian walk and all. But I know that I'm still far from it. What I blog is what I feel in my heart. These are the things that I feel that "should" be. However, I know too that it is not impossible to live it out, because if it was, then God would never have expected it from us.

I spent the past two days attending a course on "Professional Selling Skills". The presenter / course leader made the entire course very interesting thru his unique and unconventional way of presenting the materials of the course. However, I was a bit "bored" with the course because I felt that deep in me, the line that I'm in currently is only gonna be temporary. I did try to convince myself that even though I may not do sales forever, I could still make use of the things that are taught. However, as the course progressed, and even as I force myself to be positive and open towards the presenter, I still failed. I failed because the Spirit of God was testifying in me that what was taught was the wisdom of men. The problem wasn't because it wasn't good or unpractical, or any of that sort, but rather, it was just that the wisdom was not from God. And I'm beginning to see why this is gonna be a very important point in my own life.

Take a walk into any bookstore and we can find on the shelves hundreds, if not thousands of books on self-improvement, self-help, motivational books and so on. Frankly speaking, all these books are good (to some sense) as they have helped out many people, some who may suffer from low-esteem, or just need some help in thinking outside the box and so on. However, there's a significant difference between good wisdom, and the wisdom of God. There are many men out there who has many theories about how we can live a more fulfilled life, or how we can learn the habits of highly effective people, and so on, but because many of these people did not draw wisdom from God Himself, though the techniques might yield some results, they will never last.

Again, I'm talking about eternity. What's the point of fixing my self-esteem when I'm gonna die at 80? I mean, if my life ended at 30, I would have saved myself the trouble of even having to fix my self-esteem. Thus, there leaves a big question that many of us know we need to answer, but yet we still avoid it all cost. And that question, I believe, would be "What does God want to do thru my life?". This question would also need to be followed with another question, and that is "Am I going to obey it?".

God is calling us to a more glorious life than we can ever imagine. And when He calls us, He will also provide all that we need. This I believe with all my heart. So, we have to be true to ourselves, and not keep living a life that's of two masters.

God help us.

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