Thursday, June 30, 2005

DiSC Profiling

The DiSC Profiling is one of the many personality test that's out in the market. One of the more widely used is the Myers-Briggs Personality test, however, it's comprehensiveness tends to turn off people as many are not to excited about filling up a hundred questions. I personally find DiSC to be more practical, and even though it is not as comprehensive as Myers-Briggs, but I find it to be eeriely accurate. Take a online test and find out what your personality is.

To those who have taken the test, why don't post your results in my comments. I've taken the test and scored a high for D and C.

For more info on DiSC, check out this link:


PaulOS said...

Hey Kah Kheng, didn't know you had a blogspot. I prefer the DISC profile it's simpler and more straightforward. I like the one that has a final character reflection to Biblical characters.. :)

angeline said...

did DiSC a couple times last year for the ywam schools. it is useful to own the test booklet. explanation for each pattern is more comprehensive.
biblical characters yeah
Paul (DC), Solomon (D only), Peter (iD), Nehemiah(SD), Abraham (Si), Luke (C only), Moses (CS).