Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Ambrose and Geraldine (I call her Yee Woon) tied the knot on the 28th of May, 2005, approximately about 11:00am (Brisbane time). Standing beside Ambrose as his best man was one of the most memorable experiences for me as I watch and hear him recite his commitment to Yee Woon before God and the congregation. And as Yee Woon recite hers, tears role out from her eyes as she try to contains her emotions, knowing the weight of each word that was spoken.

The wedding was good, the ceremony running without any glitches, with the dinner following the same fashion. But as I come to find out that the planning for this wedding started 8 months back when Ambrose proposed to Yee Woon. Thousands of Australian dollars were spent, as well as tens of people were pulled in for their effort in coordinating this event, which all in all, lasted for just little over 2 hours.

Something crept into my mind as I stood and pondered about all this: Does our "I will" have more "commitment" weighed to it if we were to plan more for the wedding day? I mean, what if a wedding (I'm not meaning Ambrose's) was done without any frills... would that have given it a less "meaningful" association?

This year, I've had the privillege to see 3 couples say their vows before God and before men, to stand with each other thru all the possible calamaties of life, and till death do they part. Up till now, I can still sum up that weddings, when compare to the maintainance of marriages, is still far far much easier to pull off. Though planning for weddings can be tedious (and more than often, they are), but yet many couples do not prepare themselves for marriages. It is then not surprising to see that 1 in 2 marriages in the United States end up in divorce, and also how this trend is slowly creeping into the other countries of the world.

I guess that's probably why the Apostle Paul encouraged the early church to stay single, and only to marry when they cannot control themselves ("burn with passion"). But yet, without belittleling Paul, God's plan for mankind is a wedding, and how Christ will be our bridegroom, and we'll be His bride. Spotless bride. One of God's intention, I believe, is to continue to reveal His love through marriages. And I continue to believe that it is essential for a marriage to be filled with the love of God, because it was never meant to be sustained independent of God, but rather, it is His love that sustains the husband and wife, allowing them to draw love from Him as they love each other and love Him back.

I pray for Ambrose and Geraldine that may their marriage continue to flourish with love for each other as the grow deeper in love with God each day.

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