Saturday, July 23, 2005

What's in a coffee?

Make a trip to Starbucks or CoffeeBean and you'll be spoiled with choices for coffee. However, I always wondered what's behind those fancy coffee names, and sometimes, I guess I'm just too proud to ask. Anyway, I've managed to get a list, and to all the proud coffee lovers, here's what your coffee's made of...

1/3 Espresso
1/3 Hot Steamed Milk
1/3 Frothed Milk
Dusted with chocolate powder
(Served in a Large Porcelain cup)

Caffe Latte (Cafe Au Lait)
1/4 Espresso
3/4 Creamy Hot Milk
Topped with a delicate layer of a foamed milk
(Served in a tall, thick glass)

A short black or standard pour.
Drawn for 15-20 seconds (50-60ml)
Presented with a rich, golden "creama"
(Served in a short glass or porcelain cup)

Vienna Coffee
A Double pour of Espresso
(Served in a tall glass or cup, topped with whipped cream)

Syrup Cappuccino
1/3 Espresso
1/3 Hot Milk
1/3 Frothed Milk
Your choice of Syrup...

Espresso Macchaito
An Espresso 'marked' or 'stained' in the center of the crem
with a dash of hot foamed milk.
(Served in a short glass or porcelain cup)

Irish Nut Latte
Irish creme and hazelnut syrup
1/4 Espresso
3/4 Hot Milk

Flat White
1/2 Porcelain cup of Espresso coffee
Topped with Hot milk

Hot Chocolate
20g of Chocolate added to 150ml of Fresh Cold Milk
Frothed with steam wand of Espresso machine to produce a rich creamy Hot Chocolate.

Mocca (Pronounce as 'Moh-kah' not 'Moh-cah'...)
1/3 Espresso and Chocolate Syrup
2/3 Frothed milk
(Served in a tall glass or cup and dusted with chocolate)

Long Black
A pour of Espresso usually extended to three quarters full.
(Served in a regular size glass or porcelain cup)

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