Sunday, August 14, 2005

True Love

Jason (Ah Loong): Orkid, how long do you think it takes for 2 people to fall in love?
Orkid: A minute
Jason: It took me less than that to fall in love with you...

"...You don't have to understand people to love them..."
-Sepet (2005)

"Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken"
-Tina Turner (What's Love Got To Do With It)

What is love but a word, or when it involves 2 people, many words. From the timeless portrayal of love from classics such as Romeo and Juliet or maybe even Jerry MacGuire (", you complete me...") I see how at many times, love is but an expression of words. And of many words.

But love, as I believe it, has to be "more than words". Anyone can say "I love you". However, it takes more to live out that love. Poetry and songs are not sufficient to sustain love. Oh yes, it may enhance it, give is some "flava"... but to sustain it, it takes more than that. As I see it, a single act of selflessness can make up for a thousand words. But the cost for that one selfless act.. ah.. it may cost us our lives...

Even as I type right now, I know that in some corner of the world, there are thousands, if not millions of people who are going thru some trying times of figuring out what love is. In the course of wanting to be understood, many at times, we forget what it means to understand. And yet, love endures. I figured if something can be so hurting, humanity in her right mind who have at least be smart enough to stop and move on to something that's more sane. With heart brokens every minute, why is it, in spite of the tremendous emotional turmoil and grief that one has to go thru, we continue to put hope in love?

And so, love endures. As I blogged earlier, I believe love endures because this is part of "eternity". It's an essential part of eternity. Without, eternity would be meaningless. What's the point of having eternal life, alone?

Thus, humanity continues to persevere. We continue to believe in one way or another that "it is better to love and lost, than to never to have loved at all". We perpetuate in taking risks with our most precious parts of our lives, and even when the stakes are high, some of us still believe that it is worthwhile.

I believe, that loves never fail. When two people decides to break-up, that's not love failing. That's two people failing love. And I say this because God is love. Even when he saw that giving us this chance to love was like giving a 5 year old child a 20 tonne truck to drive, he took that risk, so that in all the possiblility of foul-ups and hurts, we can experience the greatest thing in this universe. And love was never meant to be understood. Just like God. We can't possibly understand God and His ways. Its not that God doesn't want us to, but we are unable in our limited and carnal mind. But He has given us enough. Enough to believe, and enough to trust that He is good, and His love is good. And more than that, that He loves us.

I believe also, that until we can experience God's love, without so much the need to "understand it", but so as much to believe it with all our hearts that God loves us, we can never truly love. We can never in our lifetime understand why God would send Christ to die for wretched people such as us. And I guess we were never meant to understand it. However, it is thru that sacrifice, that God hopes that we will believe and trust in Him, even when our eyes and understanding fails us. That to me, is true love. God knew how many would reject His precious gift, which is Christ. And yet, out of some cosmic insanity, He still saw it was worthwhile for Christ to be mocked, beaten, humiliated, broken, spat on, whipped, and finally, crucified. For us. But oh wait, I believe, that it not us that He finds worthy, for who are we. I believe however, that God found that for His love to be shown, and for the chance that it is received, the cross was still worthwhile this risk. And so, we love not because we understand, but love because we believe.

Even with books such as "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" (I've never read it though)... it may enhance our understanding, but it's not sufficient to sustain true love. Like I said, we don't love because we understand a person, but because we believe. And believe in what? Believe in hope. Believe in eternal love. Believe in the cost of eternal love. And ultimately, believe that no one is worthy of true love, but God alone, and God has commanded us even in spite of this, to love. To love like we love ourselves.

"Were the whole realm of nature mine
That were an offering far too small
Love so amazing, so divine
Demands my soul, my life, my all"

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