Monday, September 12, 2005

A dream

Pastor Benny Ho in one of his message series titled "The Parables of Jesus" ended with this illustration which touched my heart and literally brought my heart to its knees. He starts with him describing himself in a dream, where he found himself standing in front of the Pearly Gates. There, an angel greeted him, and welcomed him to the '72nd' level of heaven. Surprised, he asked the angels about these 'levels' and the angel told him that there are 77 levels in heaven, and for him to reach Level 72 was a good achievement already. However, when the angel was flipping thru his records, he paused and said, "Ermmm, there seem to be a slight problem here, let me look into it, and I'll be right back with you."
Pastor Benny then began to worry a little about that slight problem and start to enquire the angel about it. The angel reassured him that it's only a slight issue, and he need not worry about it, but that wasn't enough for Pastor Benny. He continue to plead with the angel, but the angel was leaving anyway to go 'settle' this issue and Pastor Benny grabbed onto him, pleading for the angel to reveal what the issue was. The angel then told him, "Just wait, and I'll be back." Left with no choice, Pastor Benny let the angel go. The angel then went ahead and dissapeared.
For the next 30 minutes or so, Pastor Benny was in a frantic state, trying to figure out what could the slight problem be, and soon enough, the angel returned. Hurriedly, he asked the angel. The angel then said to him: "It seems that you've actually accomplished much in your life on earth. You not only preached many sermons, but you've also written books, produced CDs and so on. But it also seems that because of your busy schedule that you could find time to pray for 20 minutes a day. And with that amount, it's amazing that you've even reached Level 72.
Pastor Benny then was beginning to sweat when he heard that as he begin to realize what was said was true, and he didn't know that it was such a 'big' issue then. But the angel continued and say, "However, you are truly blessed because your short prayer time was dramtically compensated by the people who knew you, and kept you in their prayers regularly. These people not only supported your ministry, but covered you in their prayers constantly. And with their prayers, you've made it to where you are today."
In tears, Pastor Benny was then reminded of all these people. They were the old ladies who never said much in church, but yet spoke so much in their prayer closet. They were the one time strangers that he met in various meetings, with people who believe enough to pray for him. They were his church members who even in their lack of professional theological training, and yet were faithful enough to lift him up daily in prayer. And they were his family, his wife, sons and daughters who constantly remembered him in prayer when he's away to speak at various events.
He suddenly realized that he could never have gotten to where he was if everything was dependent on his own effort. It was the support and prayers of the people that God has placed in his life, that made it possible. And with this, he was humbled.
He then asked the angel, is there anything that I can do to thank all these intercessors and faithful prayer warrior? The angel looked at him and smiled, saying, "Don't worry, when they come here, they will arrive at Level 76..."

"Lord Jesus, I ask of You today to humble me to the point that I consider all my talents, giftings, abilities and skills to be nothing before You, for it was Your mercy that allowed to even live this very life that I have. I ask that may I in everything that I do, do it as an offering to You. And Lord, may I not belittle the people around me. May I not consider myself more highly than them, for I know of aunties and uncles who may not sing very well, know much about computers or even speak very good English, but yet, they are faithful to the little things that You've called them to. Humble me Lord. Open my eyes to see You working in the life others. Teach me how to receive wisdom from others. With this Lord, I commit everything onto You. In Jesus' name I ask and pray, Amen."

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