Tuesday, September 06, 2005

An Ode To Jesus

An Ode To Jesus

My Jesus, Oh Sweet Jesus,
Blessed are You who sits on the throne,
Though you reign high and mighty,
Yet You came for those who are lowly.

Jesus oh Precious Jesus,
My mind cannot comprehend nor imagine,
For how sinners such as us You would care,
And take our sins upon Yourself.

Where is Justice? Where is fairness?
The heaven cried out,
As the angels watched in distress,
The Darling of heaven now on the cross

Thirst was in Your mouth,
Fatigue tiring every muscle,
Pain inconceivable on every part,
And sorrows of a broken heart.

With Your last ounce of strength,
You cried out "It's finished!",
Signaled by a bowed head,
My Jesus is now dead.

Yet in the silence of the graves,
Unheard echoes of hope began to resound,
As the stone is rolled away,
My Jesus who was dead is alive Today!

Lord Jesus I'm unworthy,
For such a gift, for such a sacrifice,
Yet it was for me that You died to give,
A chance to live a life worthy of Your name.

For if I were to lose all that I possess,
And get sent to places unheard to me,
Even to lose my life in the process,
I count it all as gain for Thee.

For to follow You I must carry my cross,
To live this life, I must choose to die,
To gain heavenly riches, earthly ones I must rid,
Only then can I walk on Your victory path.

Generations after generations shall hear of You,
Make choices to live life worthy of You,
Until You return we must then wait,
Not in vain, but in obedience.

Trusting You is the best choice I've ever made,
Even this choice was helped made by You.
Thank You so much for everything,
and help me to walk closer with You.

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