Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Wendy Barber passed me a book some while ago titled "Prison to Praise" by Merlin R. Carothers. My first impression of the book after reading it was well, it's a good idea and all, but practically? Come on...

Years past, and on a Sunday afternoon while talking to Simon over roti canai (great thoughts and discussions usually include good food), this came to me (divinely?): "God blesses His people so that His people can praise Him". When I told that to Simon, for a moment, that statement almost sounded wrong, as though, God blesses His people for His OWN pleasure. That statement made God sound like some arrogant, prideful and pompous person who has no other better thing to do than have people praising Him and telling Him how wonderful He is. But this thought then came to rebutt that one, because in a way, God doesn't need OUR praises. I mean, He has like thousands, if not millions of angels and unheard of creatures praising Him since the creation of time. But He wants us to praise Him. Why?

Just I struggled to find the answer to that, it's as though the Holy Spirit turn on a light bulb above my head and gave me this revelation: "Praising God is THE BEST thing that we can ever do!" It's like, if you enjoy cooking, then cooking a meal is THE BEST thing that you can ever do, no matter how hectic and tedious the cooking might involve. I paused for a moment, looked at Simon, and blurt it out to him. He stared at me, pondered for a while and while battling between reality and what I've just said, started to nod his head in agreement. Well. I don't know if he really got it, but for me, I now realize why we're spending an eternity in heaven praising God. Because it's THE BEST thing that we can ever do. Ever! Period.

Now, I haven't got to know the reason behind WHY it's the best thing that we can ever do, besides the fact that God is the only one that's worthy of praise in this universe. But just like what the Psalmist said in Psalm 139, "such knowledge is too wonderful for me". I take it that one day, God will reveal it to me. But this is the reason why God blesses us, so that we can praise Him. He's trying to encourage us to do the BEST THING that we can ever do! And the more we praise Him, the more He blesses us!

So, no matter what situation we may find ourselves in, we will find praising God is THE BEST thing that we can ever do. Better than alcohol, pornography, revenge, gossip, destructive thinking, and even sex. There's no better escape than praising God. And here's the best part bout praise, that it is actually part of the solution towards our situation. While alcohol and drugs only take our minds away for a brief moment from the problem, they never in any sense positively contribute to solving the problem. But praise is different. Not only does it takes away the worry and the grief, it prepares our mind and heart to overcome and go thru the obstacles.

No wonder David cried out "Praise the Lord all my soul, and let everything within me, praise His holy name." David understood the power of praise. And so could we unlock this power by praising God no matter what the situation is!

Praise be to the Lord! Hallelujah!

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