Monday, September 19, 2005

Second Chances

I visited Chun Yian yesterday in the hospital after receiving a SMS from his uncle (Lawrence). Apparently, Chun Yian's car lost control while he was heading home to change his clothes for a wedding that he was attending and of all the places, he lost control while on a flyover. His car hit and broke thru the barricade, defied gravity for a brief moment before landing on the road below. It's a good thing he was driving his Benz. Can't imagine how it would be if it was a Proton or something else.

Seeing him on the hospital bed with his right part of his face swollen, I was relieved that he could at least talk, and more because the hospital told him that from the initial X-Rays and diagnosis that he suffered no major concussions, nor any broken bones. His parents came in later, and they filled us (me and Vai Seng) with the rest of the accident details. The Benz was totalled, and the stuff of in his car was apparently stolen by the tow-truck drivers. But yet, all in all, we were all glad that Chun Yian's alive.

Driving home from the hospital, the scene from the "Dukes of Hazards" kept flashing in my mind. I keep seeing a car flying in mid-air. Then later came the flying bus scene from "Speed". However, a thought from all these kept resounding in my head: "Second Chances".

I told Chun Yian that what he had today was a second chance. Though recovering from pain of bruises and cuts, yet, there's probably the unspoken sense of joy that's ringing in his heart because he's alive. I bet like from the movie "Fight Club", his breakfast today would taste more glorious than any of our breakfast we've ever had in our lives. Why? Because he's just received a second chance.

And I ask myself, how many times have I been given second chances, and yet screw everyone of them. I look back right now and wished so hard that I could have undo what I've done, and unsay what I've said. From broken relationships to bad financial choices, God has been gracious to me by giving me second chances. And yet, I question myself, am I grateful? Did I learn something from these events?

I guess second chance is a gift from God. He knows we will screw up. And we prove Him right. Everyday. But I pray that we use second chances to redeem ourselves, not to go screw it up one more time.

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