Friday, October 28, 2005


In bout 2 months time, 2005 will come to a closing, and just like every year, humanity looks forward to the new year. Why look forward? Probably it's because of the stuff that has happened this year, that we'd rather not talk about, and hope for a new slate in the upcoming year. Soon, resolutions will be the talk of the town; bout the ones we fail to keep, and the ones that we wanna take on next year.

This year has been an 'interesting' year for humanity. The reason why I used the word 'interesting' because it's hard to put a negative or positive connotation to it. It's like there's been so many bad things that has happened, but we'd rather not think bout it, and just concentrate on what's good. For example, we started 2005 gloomy, because just a week earlier, the Tsunami in Acheh has claimed hundred of thousands of life, and I recalled at that time, we stuck like glue to the news counting the bodies. From then till now, I have trouble even remembering what were the major events that has happened, because there just seem to be so many. Sites like this might help us to remember, but the truth is, do we want to remember?

Sept 11, 2001 woke me up to the realities of life. I guess for me, before that fateful day, my perception was that the world was pretty much in peace. Yeah, it's true there were some wars going on here and there, but it's not like a BIG deal. Then, when the 2 towers came crashing down, war seems to be closer than ever to me. Until today, I've still not gotten out of this mentality; life is short. And since 9-11, it just seems to be like a downward spiral. The world's economy doesn't seem to be improving. Natural disasters seem to be increasing, not only in its rampantness, but in the number of lives it take each time it occurs. We're still talking about terrorism, and we still fear to go to certain places because of that.

David Wilkerson preached a sermon titled "A Christian's Response to Calamities" and when I thought about one of the points that he made, it made me think even deeper. He said that as the world tries to find a solution to bring resolve to all the things that are happening around the world; from natural disasters to fighting terrorism, they are leaving a rather important factor from the equation: "God". Pastor David pointed out that when all these calamities occur, they happen within the will of God. He said that God is trying to wake us up towards something, and if we fail to get the message, more will come.

For you non-Christians who read this, I know that your initial thought to this would be, isn't God cruel by killing so many people to just make a point? But honestly, I won't be responding to that question in this posting, maybe in the next one or so. However, my take on this is what we as Christians should be doing in respond to this? Pastor David has a few suggestions. Take time to listen to the sermon, it's worth your while. For me personally, it has dawned upon me the crucialness of the time that we live in. If we continue to live like we have 1000 years more, then we're seriously deceiving ourselves, and worse, the people around us.

What have I accomplished in 2005? Not much. But one thing I do know, I do not have to wait till 2006 to start anew. God promises a new annointing everyday. I'll start mine today. Who knows, I might just end up quitting tomorrow, however, this I'm certain, I can't do it without God's strength, and even if I fall, He's still with me.

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