Monday, October 31, 2005


Rev John Kovilpillai told this story during his sermon yesterday.
A chicken and a pig one day was having a discussion, when the chicken said to the pig, "You know, every morning, when the farmer comes around the coop, I make sure that I've laid an egg so that he can collect it. For me, that's my commitment to the farmer." The pig then replied to the chicken saying, "That's not commitment, that's participation." "You want to know what's commitment? Commitment is making sure that the farmer can have bacon for breakfast."

I guess then it's true that it would be foolish of us to commit to things or people by having the thought that it wouldn't cost us anything. Commitment always, without fail, demands sacrifice. And most of the time, it would demand the sacrfice of our most prized possessions.

Are we willing to be commited now?

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