Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I was caught in a nasty jam on the way to work today. Since I didn't have anything to do but wait, I just naturally stared at the people in cars on the opposite side. Of all the drivers that passed, I think I noticed only 1 of them that smiled. The rest were pretty much emotionless. It's as though they are taking a drive to prison or something. Irrespective of the cars that they were in, whether it was a BMW or a Proton, all of them were just plain, sad.

However, most of us when arrive at work, we then will put our 'mask' to continue with our day. Many of us feel compelled to not show our true feelings to our colleagues, people that we spend most of the time with. I guess it is during the times when we are alone that we become our true selves. Sad people.

But are we really sad people? Do happy people smile when they're alone? Do we smile only in the presence of others? I know we can cry when we're alone, but can we laugh? Do we have a reason to?

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