Friday, December 02, 2005

Tis' the season to be jolly...

December is here! Can't believe this year went by so fast. Soon, it'll be bout presents, carols, and of course, the dreaded resolutions.

Amazingly, much things happened to me this year. I recalled starting out this year declaring that this'll be a good year for me. However, I've had many unfavorable things happened to me this year, and yet, till now, I'll still call this year a good year. Why? Because thru all the ups and downs, God was with me, and He made the struggle bearable to endure. And more than that, He gave me hope by letting me know that He is in the process of making all things right.

I love New Years. They serve as markers to me in my own life. I use them to see how much I've progress, or regress. So, without further adue, I'll be reflecting on this year, and planning for what's next to come.

You should too...

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