Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Passion 06: Everything Glorious

For those of you who still don't know, I'm actually a Passion freak. I've been following their movement since sometime in 1999. Music wise, Passion made their first debut album sometime in 1998 entitled Passion: Live Worship from the 268 Generation. Although they started off singing many songs from other writers such as Delirious' Martin Smith (I Could Sing of Your Love Forever), David Ruis (Sweet Mercies), and Kelly Carpenter (Draw Me Close), they also had their own writers such as Chris Tomlin (We Fall Down) and Charlie Hall (Salvation), who eventually formed somewhat a permanent member of the Passion Worship Band. Some other noteworthy members are Nathan and Christy Nockels (who on their own are known as 'Watermark'), Matt Redman (Heart of Worship), Steve Fee and Candi Pearson. David Crowder joined in somewhat later and have somewhat redefine much of Passion's music.

Behind Passion stands founder Louis Giglio, whose vision in the beginning was to heed the call to see revival break out in college campuses all over America. Preachers such as John Piper and Beth Moore speaks often during their conferences, and their messages never fail to convict and inspire you at the same time.

April 4th 2006 marks the release of Passion's newest album entitled 'Everything Glorious'. This album features song from their recent Passion Conference held early Jan of this year. Do check out their website as they feature song clips from the album as well a host of other cool stuff.

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