Monday, April 03, 2006

Trusting God..

The past couple of weeks proved to be tiring for me, as I found my patience and faith being tested and challenged thru various and separate incidences. From money-costing accidents to mind-boggling mistakes and screw ups that people do, each one of these situations stretched my faith in a different direction.

How did I fare? I'm not sure. For some, I don't think I've even managed to figure out what it means yet. For others, I've just decided to let it behind me. But one thing that I've learned through from all these , is that it's not how I've overcame these situations, but rather, how I trusted God thru it all.

I recalled last Thursday while waiting for my brother to come back from school so that we could go out for dinner. Suddenly, the phone rang, and in a few moments, mom came running out saying that we've got to rush to his school. "The teacher said that Kah Veen had an accident." I could only describe what came in to my mind at that point of time was fear. Fear that something terrible has occured. The only thing I could do then as I went to start-up the car was pray. And I prayed "Lord, I trust You with this. Please help him out." The journey to his school was painful, as no one really knew what happened. The teacher who called left no details of the 'accident'. When we finally arrived at the clinic (a kind teacher had taken him there), I dropped my parents off so that they could go in first while I parked the car. The moment I got the car parked, I rushed into the clinic's room, and all I could see was Kah Veen lying on the bed with gauze taped on his head. His shirt had blood splatters and tears filled his eyes as he tried to explain what happened to my parents.

Long story short, I found relieve as the story was unveiled. Apparently, a girl had taken a stone and tried to strike his leg by throwing at him. In that moment, my brother for some reason had decided to bend down and the stone struck him on his head. He went unconscious for a while and the teachers had taken him to the clinic as they feared he could have gotten a concussion of some sort.

That night, I took time to reflect back on the entire event. I was glad that I've managed to turn to God in the moment of doubt and anguish. And I'm even more glad that God has brought me thru it. A moment of pride for me? Not really. But I'm glad that the desire in me to trust God has grown. And praise God that He has helped to grow.

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