Wednesday, May 03, 2006

PMC Family Camp 2006

Yeap. What a camp it was. Pastor Phua Seng Tiong gave some really convicting sermons, which called for us as Christians to shine in the places where God has placed us, and not be some "secret-Christian" just so to be accepted by the people around us.

Although the meeting room we had was small, packed and hot, yet God in His mercies worked in the hearts of many. Yeah, I know, the 3 days we had were too short, but I'm glad that most of us managed to make the most out of it.

Here're some of photos that were taken by me and Jau Meng which will remain as memories for the days to come. Enjoy!

Vincent Leading the Pre-Camp Prayer meeting

Packed like a can of sardines...

Hungry, hungry, hungry...

Food oh Glorious food!

Pastor Tan, Pastor Phua, Bro Henry

Pastor Phua


Sweet couple

Mommy.. when I grow up, I want to be trishaw-woman!

Jau Meng.. what's with the pose?

Exorcism in progress

Staring competition.. they both lost...

Ohh.. this is how you do it...

Argghh.. cockroach on the floor!

Look at us, our fist is bigger than our forehead!


Vincent and me..


Yee Lin

Huey Ching skipping to the tune of "My Fair Lady"

A walk to remember

Prayer and ministering time...

"Why you keep taking my photo??"

Look at me!

Bernard, Jeffrey, Chia

Ephesians 3:16-17 says...

Woo.. check out his fat man... i mean.. his muscles...

"One at a time lar.. if not, how to slide...??"

"This is what's gonna happen to you if you don't pay attention to my message.."

"Oh What a Feeling!"

Eh... you heard or not, Pastor said if we don't pay attention, we will kena bantai ah!

Jau Meng, auntie Theresa not available oledi lar...

"Dylan, can you teach me how to write the letter B ah?"

Uncle Bernard

Dance like an Egyptian...

I like to move it move it.. I like to move it move it


"That's interesting..."

I'm a Barney the Purple Dinosaur fan!!

What? They took Barney away from TV?? Boo hoo..!!

Errmm... never mind..

Ooii.. wake up lar... Pastor preaching in front, you sleeping behind ah??

"Eh... how to play D chord ah?"

"You.. got a problem?"

Young men at work...

"Err... shouldn't there be water in the jacuzzi?"


PMC Youth's new transport

More posers

Watch me.. watch me!

Watch me.. ermm.. don't watch me...
We are the champions...

Where's the beca fella..?? I've been waiting for 2 hours already!

"Wow.. I can go faster in this sack than without it..."

"Somebody please hold my hair!!"


Spiderman wanna-bes


"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.."

"Monkey See, Monkey Do.."

"Ermm.. This sarong abit rough lar..."

"There should be a better way to transport this tennis balls..."


Shereen wished she've eaten more during lunch...

Pastor Tan powered with God's annointing...

Monkey at work...

What's Yee Lin doing when everyone else is pulling?

Take no prisoners!

Show no mercy!

"La la la..."

This is a sandman...


Sweet Couple...

"Mmmm.. burnt fish..."

Elvis' double

A scene from the upper room


Love offering from PMC to Pastor Phua

Group Photo

Pastor Tan

Pastor Phua, Uncle Harry, Uncle Eng Bee, Bro Henry

Mother and daughter

Group Photo

PMC Youth rocks!

"haiihh.. all the aunties tak tau malu.. must learn from the brothers.."

Brothers of the church

Bunch of posers...

"Baptism means..."

Jenny and Esther

Bro Desmond


Random Group Photo

Down you go!

Pastor praying for the baptism candidates

Suzanne's baptism

"Hold your breath!"

Ong Hock's baptism

Yee Ling in company of friends after baptism

"...bloop... bloop.. bloop...!"

Baptismal candidates

Happy Family

"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.."

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