Monday, May 15, 2006


Every now and then, a time of solitude gives me time to rejuvenate as well as to take time off from the busyness of life to reflect... well, on life. Today has been a time like that for me. I made no plans nor any appointments after church because I just needed some time to rest, and think.

I've thought about many things. Among them, how life has been for me until now. I just can't seem to understand the mercies and the goodness of God. Has life been all wonderful for me? Well, not entirely. Ups and downs of life are inevitable. However, they all seem to be working towards something. I sorta know what it is, but yet remain fearful to embrace it as my destiny. The unknown always brings about fear. At times like this, I can only hold on to God's words. That's all I have. And the good thing is, that's all I need.

My thoughts then drifted to wonder about where Angeline might be at this moment. Its been more than a month since we last spoke. I missed her terribly. I check her blog everyday even though I know she won't be updating it. Maybe a part of me is going crazy. And maybe, that's a good thing. And then, I begin to ponder on a life together with her. It brought about a certain sense of excitement, and joy.

I guess sometimes being alone is good. I've managed to catch up on lost sleep, and also being able to put my thoughts in order (well, to some extent). A long week ahead, and I'm looking forward to it...

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