Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What is truth?

Recently, I had an interesting discussion with a colleague of mine. It seems that there has been plenty of 'conspiracy theories' sprouting all over the web regarding the events of 9/11. Some of these have even been made into movies and if you knew not better, you would be convinced altogether. For example, some of the claims made include that it was not a passenger plane, but a missile that crashed into The Pentagon. Another one states that explosives were planted into the World Trade Center before the plane crashed in, and after the plane crashed in, the bombs were detonated. On and on these people alleged that the current President George Bush was behind all these attacks. The way they laid out all the 'facts', it'd be hard for you to argue.

However, I searched the web a little and stumble onto another site that refuted some of these claims. This site claimed that all these theories are improbable due to this and that reason. And since this site is quite a reputable one, you'd find it strange for them to put their reputation on the line if the things that they said were untrue. So, in the end, what would you believe?

I believe that in life, it's pretty much the same. From time to time, I will have friends, relatives and other acquaintances that would testify to me of some miracle product. They would also have their preferences of certain products, a methodology, or maybe even, an idealogy. I have learned over the years to be respectful, even if I had my own opinion. However, what is the truth? Would you believe in a certain kind of product if it was endorsed by some celebrity, or maybe someone who's influential / expert on that product?

So, what is truth? Without jumping into philosophy, or using this and that scientific theory, to me, truth is the Word of God. And we can find this truth, which is God's word in the holy bible. For thousand of years, many have come to refute its credibility, and have failed. Some have said to me, "maybe they're just good at defending it/ covering it up". Could be. I wasn't there during the events that were recorded in the bible, so I can't prove you otherwise. But how then did I make up my mind to believe that the Word of God is truth? Simple. By faith.

And mind you, this is not blind faith. Why? Because when I believed, I did not take out my brain and throw it away. For years I've been researching on various other idealogies and thinking, and yet, to me, the Word of God stands superior above all. Have I researched all other religions before making this decision? Not really, although I did research quite abit, especially of the major ones. But my belief is not based entirely on logic. This is because there are things that logic can't explain, like love. And even for scientists, whenever they make an assertion of a certain theory, they take to some extent a certain amount of faith. And when others can't prove it wrong, it becomes fact, well, until someone else comes along and prove it otherwise. Thus, my decision to believe that the Word of God is the truth is simply by faith. And this faith is enabled in me thru the Holy Spirit.

By the world's standards, what I say carry very little weight. I have no qualifications that would awe an audience, nor any theory or idea that's new under the sun. Yet, what I say is important to me, because it's by this that I priortize my life, and make decisions. It's also by the Word of God that I find comfort and hope in times of despair and confusion. If I did not have the Word of God to guide my life, I would find myself getting blown all over the place each time someone makes a fantastic claim of something. I told my dad once that "given enough time, one can justify anything". He now is a strong believer of that. In this ever changing world, where ideas and borders of truth and morality shifts ever so frequently, I find the Word of God a strong and solid foundation to place my faith, and life on.
  • Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path - Psalm 119:105
  • How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word. - Psalm 119:9
  • As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him. - Psalm 18:30
What is your idea of truth?

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