Thursday, June 01, 2006

Third Day's 'Wherever you are'

I'm not exactly sure when this album was released, but I'm guessing its sometime end of last year. I picked a copy recently at Salvation, and although I've not listen to all the songs yet, I kinda like it already. For those of you who don't follow too much of Third Day's music, take note that this album differs from their 'worship' albums. Most of the songs on this album are of the contemporary christian genre.

Third Day's 'Wherever You Are' features 12 songs, and they are:
  1. Tunnel
  2. Eagles
  3. Cry Out To Jesus
  4. I Can Feel It
  5. Keep On Shinin'
  6. Communion
  7. Carry My Cross
  8. How Do You Know
  9. Mountain of God
  10. Love Heals Your Heart
  11. The Sun Is Shining
  12. Rise Up
The first track that I played was #9 - Mountain of God. This song was actually released quite sometime ago, although not on any of their official albums. The original song was mostly acoustic, but the version on this album had more effects. The story behind this song as Third Day's Tai Anderson says:
"We've all had those mountaintop experiences. You feel so close to God. You can see for miles. Vision galore. Then life happens, the valley, the struggles. We often think that the valley is a consequence for the sin of our life. But, maybe it's just our life. We're all promised struggle. We all experience suffering. The hope that we have is wonderfully expressed in this song. "You were there with me." We don't have to go through the inevitable trials of life on our own. Mac had penned this song a few years ago. This was the time to get it out with a little 3D juice. Much thanks to Ashley Cleveland for taking the song up a notch. Did we go too far with the key change at the end?"

I've not gotten a chance to explore the other songs yet, but this seem to be a promising album. Get a copy at your favorite Christian bookstore!

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