Thursday, July 13, 2006


Dad turned 60 last Thursday. That's 5 cycles in the Chinese calendar. Just found out that he will be moving back from PG in 2 weeks time. He has finally decided to take his retirement seriously. I think what is strange for him and even for us back here is that he is finally coming home.

Dad left for PG almost 13 years ago, where he initially while working there, stayed in a hotel provided by the company, then later on renting with a colleague, and finally buying a small property there. He made trips back home at least once a month, in which I believe that the travel between PG and here took alot of his time, and his life as well. Life for me was strange, because I would come home and after sometime, did not expect him to be there anymore. I think it affected mom too, as she had to learn how to be independent.

My relationship became a little deeper with dad when I went over to the states to study. Somehow, email has allowed us to reveal alot to each other boldly. We shared alot about life, about family and even about future plans.

When I came back, dad was still hundreds of miles away. His occasional trips home was often enquired by me of when it will end, that is when he will be going back to PG. It's not that I wanted him to leave, its just that I knew his trips back will always have an end.

Well, in 2 weeks time, dad will finally come home. For good. It's gonna be a big change for him, leaving the surroundings that he has gotten accustomed for the past 13 years. It will be a big change for us too, as dad will be back home for good. No more travelling bags, no more farewell dinners, and no more questions of when he's going home. Because, he's home. At last.

Dad, thanks for everything. For the sacrifices, tolerance, and understanding me when I could not understand myself. You will eternally be my hero! Welcome home.

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