Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Of the four seasons that I've experienced in the US, fall, also known as autumn, has to be my favorite one. Since my first fall in 1998, I've loved that 3 months of the year, which takes place from early September till end November.

I adore the leaves on trees that changes from green to golden brown. And then, one by one, they will start to fall off and begin to fill the landscape with its color. The grass will also begin to change its color in preparation for the cold days ahead.

Another thing about fall that I like is the weather. It's comfortably cool. At least where I was anyway, that in Lincoln, Nebraska. You could either choose to put on a sweater, or not. Either way, the light breeze of cool air always brought refreshment, especially after enduring the hot days of summer.

The thought of Thanksgivings and Christmas also always bring a cheerful mood to me, knowing that days of celebration are ahead.

I miss those days...

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