Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm still around

I'm still around, despite not updating this blog for almost a month. My wedding is finally over (*phew*) but marriage is no piece of cake either. I'm still learing how to live with another person. But I'm thankful that this 'other person' is Angeline. Should it have been somebody else, I doubt I'll be able to survive. Angeline has so far made it easy for me. She's very accomodating and helpful. Though she has her own opinions (like the color of certain furniture), she still makes it a point to find out if I'm ok with it (even though I'm color blind...)

December is here, and ontop of the things I need to get done, there's still much to do. Among them:
  • Compiling the video from November's youth camp
  • Compiling the photos from our wedding
  • Printing of wedding photos
  • Editing the videos from our wedding
  • Sending out Thank You / Christmas cards
  • Unpacking moving boxes
  • Help for church's upcoming Christmas programs
  • Christmas decoration
  • Wrapping of Christmas presents
  • Plan for Christmas party (not decided yet)
  • Update blog
  • etc etc...
And I just recently resumed my job, after having more than a month off. So much things to do, and so little time...

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