Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tayo and Kemi

Akintayo Akinyemi has been my spiritual comrade during my uni days at UNL. We've been thru so much together and I've been so blessed by not just his friendship, but by the life of God in him. I always remember the time we shared during prayer meetings, bible studies, softball matches, movies and Taboo games.

Kemi Olubudun was the first Nigerian girl I met at UNL. I recall very well that she didn't like cats, and remembered telling her that she shared the same name with Pastor Tom Barber's cat. I didn't really get a chance to know Kemi too well, at least as I much as I wanted to, but I will always remember her infectious smile, somewhat like what Tayo has, and her desire to sing. And boy, could she sing.

Tayo will marry Kemi on the 10th of March, 2007. I always dreamed to see the day when Tayo will get married, but just that I never knew when it would happen (sorry tayo). But it's finally happening, and my heart rejoice with him. I'm so glad that he's marrying Kemi too.
So to Tayo and Kemi, my heartiest congratulations. May God bring much blessings to your lives, and I can't wait to see the little Tayos and Kemis...

To read more of their lovey-dovey story of how they came together, check out their website here.

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Anonymous said...

Mr KK,

It's nice to see your wedding picture. You guys looked so wonderful. Kk I did not know you could look so good. Angeline, all I can say is Wow!. It's been so busy around here I have not had the time to call you guys and find out all the details of the wedding. How does it feel to be Mr & Mrs. By God's grace I will get some time to have a long conversation with you folks. Be blessed and continue to be a force for God.
Love tayo