Monday, May 07, 2007

Some thoughts...

It's been really a while since I last wrote anything. For those of you who drop by my blog every now and then would find that since my wedding, I've not even penned anything down. Once in a while, I'd just plagiarized somebody else's stuff by copying some cartoon, photo or movie from their site. Well, I guess it's about time that I should pen some of my thoughts. And I'd like now to just fill in a part of my life that I've left blank in this blog for sometime.

I've learned that married life is different. In 4 days, I will be married to Angeline for 6 months. During this time, there were much laughters, joys, and tears that were shed and exchanged. There were conversations and arguments that went on for hours. There were outburst of opinions, dissatisfactions, anger and differences. There were also the occasional moments that we took time to laugh at each other, and at our selves. With such a contrast of emotions and expressions, I'm actually very surprised that our love had actually grown stronger for each other. I praise God everyday that we never let our differences stand in our way, but we celebrate it through healthy and non-threatening discourses.

Since we started our ritual to pray each day before going to work, we've seen in countless ways of how God have been so faithful in our lives. There were days when we'd get worried about paying some bills, but we knew better and committed that worry to God. And in His grace and mercies, He would answer that need in the same evening with an unexpected cheque in the mailbox. And that's just one of the many other prayer that He has answered time after time.

Of course, I'm speaking from my point of view. Angeline might view this phase in her life very differently as she's still adjusting to so many new things at the moment. She's currently in a new place with a new job, a new church, a new home, a new family, and a new husband. But each day when I wake up and look at her, I'm encouraged by her determination to make the best of the day. She has every right to complain and moan and groan, but she gives up that right because she knows that with God, all things will work together for her good.

All in all, the challenges that I face in my mind today has not lessen since I got married, and neither has it increased tremendously. But what gives me comfort is that I know that I need not work it out alone. My heavenly Father and my earthly wife is helping me out each step of the way. With that, I know I have more than I ever need...

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