Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some thoughts on global warming

The global warming issue was probably one of the most hyped-up doomsday message that was spread by the media last year. They attributed many of the natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and floods in India to global warming. Some 'scientist' predicts that within a hundred years, the polar ice caps will melt and will contribute to rising of sea levels to as much as a hundred feet, hence sealing the fate of coastal regions around the world, and all other areas that are less than a hundred feet above sea level.

But just as we enter 2008, news of snow storms and extreme freezing took hold of many news headlines. Until now, no one dared link these weather conditions to global warming, well, as you can see, 'warming' tend to cause hotter temperatures, not cooler (well duh..). So, how is it that within a year, the so called greenhouse effect caused by you and me driving our cars to the local grocery stores has managed to be dramatically reversed?

Another less known fact was that several independent parties conducted temperature measurements around the world concluded that the year 2007 was actually cooler than predicted (by global warming activists), in spite of the increase in atmospheric CO2s. Wouldn't that cause a "wait a minute" moment in your mind? Environmentalists, scientists, politicians, and even your next door neighbor has been harping on what they believe as truth beyond doubt, that is, the more you drive your car, the warmer the earth will become. The more you and I breathe, the more the polar ice-caps will melt. The more the cows poop, the more.. well, you get what I mean. So now, is this so called 'fact' then, still a fact?

Due to the fact that most of my blog readers were born during or after the late 70's, many of us are actually unaware that back in the 1970's, there was a world-wide scare that the earth was experiencing a 'global cooling'. I don't really know much about what people who predicted this said the causes were, but I know enough that it took the attention of many around the world. However, as the years gone by, the scare was overshadowed by other unrelated world events and eventually just faded away like yesterday's news.

Since I'm not planning to further bore you with more of these stuff, my point of writing this is to more of an informer, and hopefully to open your eyes to the truth so that you do not just believe whatever the media dishes out to you. There are plenty of good content out there on the internet that speaks about both sides of this theory, and hopefully, you'd be more a little more informed the next time you suggest your neighbor to save the world by breathing less.

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