Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 Aspirations

2010 came and went in a flash. Just like that. And today, I stand at the dawn of a new year. Will this year pass just as quickly? I guess that's not the point. More importantly is whether I can capitalize on the time given in this year, not just to do more, but to 'be' more.
So here's hoping and praying by faith that as God being my guide, He will lead into the things that He has planned for me. My prayer is that the desires within me to fulfill my own selfish needs will decrease, as His desires to bring His Kingdom's reign and rule through me will increase. I pray that I can faithfully live out the life as Paul said "To live is Christ, and to die gain."
Am I fearful? Yes. In fact, I'm trembling as I write this. But with God on my side, who or what can be against me?

So, what are your aspirations for 2011?

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Sophia said...

Very inspiring.. quite different to my reality though. :) Nevertheless, I enjoyed this posting!